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 Beloved Friends
"Zorba is the foundation and Buddha is the palace. Buddha is the peak, but the foundation stones are laid by Zorba. It will be foolish to choose to be a Buddha without having the foundation stones.
“I am absolutely mathematical about it: Zorba should be there and the stronger a Zorba is there, the better a Buddha is possible. So I can become Buddha any moment, Zorba is absolutely needed as the basic energy out of which the Buddha is going to be carved. Zorba is the marble rock out of which the Buddha statue has to be carved. I choose the rock...and Buddha is easy. “It is just a question of opening your eyes. I don’t bother about Buddha; I am worried about people who are not Zorbas. How will they become Buddhas? They don’t have the basic material out of which a Buddha is made."
Osho, The last Testament, Vol 2, Talk #19

At OSHO Afroz we welcome the Zorba with the "Sufi Celebration" & the Summer Festival "I Celebrate myself", offering the foundation for celebration and meditation.

OSHO Afroz Sufi Heart Celebration

OSHO Afroz Summer Festival 2015

This will be the 2nd Sufi Celebration we host in OSHO AFROZ and the dates will be from 16th-21st June.

Come celebrate the language of the soul and the divinity within all creation. Sufism cultivates a compassionate heart and deepens awareness through meditation, music, dance, poetry and silence.

Facilitators and musicians from Greece, Israel, Turkey, India and Spain will offer events, meditatons and nights with live music and whirling.

Please have a look on our website for the full program details.

We will be very happy to have you with us here in Osho Afroz this summer celebrating life, love and the beautiful nature of Lesvos Island.

OSHO Afroz Summer Festival 2017
"I Celebrate Myself"
God is Nowhere Life is Now Here


OSHO Afroz Summer Festival 2015

This will be our 8th OSHO Festival and the dates will be from the 23rd- 27thAug.
The program is based on the OSHO vision of “Zorba the Buddha”, a new kind of human being who is able both to participate creatively in everyday life and to relax into silence and meditation.

During the 5 days you can experience Osho Active Meditations, mini workshops, morning classes, full day courses, individual sessions, evening events, live concerts, talent shows, lottery with a VERY special price and many many happenings!!!

You can meet new and old friends from all over the world and have a personal experience of living with more awareness, relaxation, celebration and creativity.

Afroz Blog

Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water at Afroz

What is Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water?

Many friends keep on asking about the little signs at OSHO Afroz that mention “Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water” - “What does it mean and why should I use it instead of bottled water?”

After 2 years of research on water, we had an important upgrade that happened last year at OSHO Afroz. An upgrade to support Environment, People, Plants, Animals & the Organic Growth.

Love, Osho Afroz Team

OSHO Afroz summer logo

Osho Afroz facebook Page   Follow us on Twitter   Youtube Channel follow us on Soundcloud  follow us on Instagram

OSHO Afroz Meditation Center 2019

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